Standard Confined Space Entry & Tending Worker

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$150 per participant

The KG Safety Services Inc. Confined Space Entry & Tending Worker course is a combined one-day course and will teach participants basic knowledge and proficiency with respect to confined space entry procedures as well as applicable Alberta Occupational Health and Safety legislation.

Confined Space Entry & Monitor

The Confined Space Entry &  Tending Worker Course includes theory and in class exercises and will cover such things as:

  • Confined Space Tending Worker Basic Training
  • Confined Space Tending Worker Responsibilities
  • Confined Space Entry Preparation
  • Basics of Hazardous Atmospheres & Gas testing
  • Entry Authorization
  • Confined Space Hazards
  • Confined Space Controls including Isolation, Ventilation and common practices

The purpose of the Confined Space Entry & Tending Worker program is to ensure that the End-User demonstrates basic knowledge and proficiency in performing the required duties of a Confined Space entrant and tending worker. Further onsite training may be required for employer specific requirements and practices.

Program Learning Objectives are as follows:

  1. Understand the regulations relating to Confined Spaces in Alberta.
  2. Review of the Restricted Space and Confined Space definitions in Alberta.
  3. Understand the general requirements for a Confined Space Entry &  Tending Worker.
  4. The requirement for constant communication with personnel inside the Confined Space.
  5. A review of entry permit requirements including entry log  and gas detection log use.
  6. Requirements for ensuring unauthorized persons do not enter a Confined Space.
  7. Understand the roles of a Confined Space Entrant and Tending Worker in an emergency.

Site Specific Confined Space Training

Looking for a course that reflects the policies and procedures you currently have in place as well as the regulatory frame work? We do that too!

Contact us to create a site and company specific training course that meets your needs.

KGSS is a Continuing Education Units Provider

This course, provided by KG Safety Services, counts towards 0.6 continuing education units. A convenience and applicable way to get the training you need for day to day operations as well as maintain your certifications!

On Site Training

Need on-site training? Not a problem, for groups of 6 or more this is offered for no additional cost for sites within the Capital Region.

Contact us to set up a date that works best for you!

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