Air Purifying Respiratory Protection – End User Training

Class information

$75 per participant

This 4 hour course is intended to take participants though a basic review of air purifying respiratory protective equipment including half face masks, full face masks, and powered air purifying units. The course reviews identification, inspection, use, maintenance, and storage of units on the job-site.


  • Why air purifying respirators are used and the hazards of improper use.
  • How to recognize medical signs and symptoms that may limit or prevent the effective use of respirators.
  • Why the respirator is necessary and how improper fit, usage, or maintenance can compromise its protection.
  • What are the limitations and capabilities of the respirator.
  • How to inspect, put on and remove, use, and check the seals of the respirator. What are the correct procedures for maintenance and storage of the respirator.
  • There will be a review on the elements of half face masks, full face masks and a powered air purifying respirator
  • Students use equipment available in the class to learn how to don and doff the equipment

Upon successful completion of this course students will receive a certification card outlining topics covered, with a copy available to the employer.

Fit Testing Available

Get your staff fit tested the day of the course! Course cost with fit testing $100 per participant.

Site Specific Respiratory Protection Training

Looking for a course that reflects the policies and procedures you currently have in place as well as the regulatory frame work? We do that too!

Contact us to create a site and company specific training course that meets your needs.

On Site Training

Need on-site training? Not a problem! For groups of 6 or more this is offered for no additional cost for sites within the Capital Region.

Onsite training is also available on-site out side of the Capital Region. Contact us to set up a date that works best for you!


  • Contact us to set up a date and time that works best for you and your staff
  • Need on-site training? Not a problem, for groups of 8 or more this is offered for no additional cost for sites within the Capital Region
  • Payment, or credit card information to hold your place in the course is required to confirm your registration.