Summer Hazards: Lyme Disease

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In Canada, being able to work outside during the summer months is a welcomed opportunity for many workers to enjoy the warmer temperatures, spend more time outdoors, and to work closer to nature. However, working outside can bring an increased risk of exposure to the growing health threat posed by Lyme disease.tickedoff_tick

Cases of Lyme disease are spreading though Canada and the United States and treatment options remain limited due the the long course of antibiotics required in a time where physicians are moving away from prescribing antibiotics for more than 14 days (Lyme disease can require a 3 week course of treatment or longer depending on how far the disease has progressed).

Often the symptoms of Lyme disease look very similar to a common flu – the symptoms continue for longer than a standard week worsening to joint inflammation including soreness and swelling. Even after effective treatment many patients do not see a reduction in joint inflammation due to the bodies immune system reacting to the damage that’s already been caused.


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CCOHS Fact Sheet – Lyme Disease