Wilderness & Wildlife Training course available

KG Safety Services has offered our Wilderness & Wildlife training course onsite to clients for years and now you can take it in class at our Edmonton locations.

This one day program provides the basics in;product

  • wilderness survival
  • pre-trip planning
  • hazard recognition and avoidance
  • emergency survival
  • survival psychology
  • navigation skills, along with
  • basic wildlife life knowledge

The course offers the basic skills to live through a short-term wilderness survival situation and more importantly how to avoid it.

  1. Want tips on working alone in remote locations?cougar
  2. How about how to identify possible wilderness survival situations?
  3. Need information about wildlife identification, safety, and potentially dangerous encounters?

As with all KG Safety Services courses the instructor for this program has been vetted and reviewed to ensure the best possible course for participants.

Mrs. Steward is the very definition of “well versed in wilderness and wildlife activities”, with a lifetime of outdoor and hunting experience to share with the group.

Contact us to book your group into this premier program!Peterson_Rivers_Peace River28_Consent Possible