February $500 Needs Analysis

Want to improve your Health and Safety System but don’t know where to start?


Many of our clients find a needs analysis helpful to determine how to direct their efforts in improving or creating a company Health and Safety system. This can be an important first step in a health and safety journey and should not be a prohibitively expensive.

What kinds of things can you expect to see in your report? The following topics are standard in KGSS Needs Analysis:infographic1

  • Legislative Compliance
  • Applicable Regulatory Compliance
  • Certificate of Recognition preparedness

The following topics may be included, as requested:

  • Ergonomic Assessment Review
  • Industrial Hygiene Review
  • WCB Claims Management
  • ISNetworld / PICS / Complyworks
  • Worker Training Program

In our efforts to provide assessable health and safety services to all our new and existing clients KGSS is offering a $500 Health and Safety Needs Analysis during the month of February.

Safety is a Journey, let us be part of yours.