AED’s saving lives in Alberta – It’s time to learn how to use one!

There have been a bunch of stories in the news lately about AED (automatic external defibrillators) use in public spaces saving lives. From young to old, you never know when sudden cardiac arrest may strike. All St. John First Aid courses, such as the ones that we teach at KG Safety, include AED training. Here are just a few recent examples:AED2

Off-duty Albert Health Services staff help to save a fellow patron at a restaurant in Edmonton

Off-duty health workers help to save fellow patron in supermarket parking lot in Saskatoon

Arena operator helps to save a 15 year old hockey player in New York

AED purchase and installment in public and private spaces is increasing – it’s time for our citizenry to know what to do with them in the event of an emergency. You’ll be seeing more AED’s at scrupulous locations, like supermarkets and rec centers.

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