Good to Know: eGSO PST Equivalency

eGSO PST Equivalency

Anyone who has successfully completed Enform’s Petroleum Safety Training (PST) has automatically received an eGSO Record of Completion. Individuals and companies have two options for providing PST certificate holders with a printed eGSO Record of Completion.

1.) Individual PST certificate holders can use the self-serve eGSO Record of Completion print functionality in their Enform Connect account. Click here for instructions

2.) Companies with a larger number of PST certificate holders can provide their employees with eGSO Records of Completion in house in a process similar to that of eGSO group delivery. Interested companies should download the eGSO PST Equivalency Bundle which includes:

  • A step by step guide to eGSO PST Equivalency
  • eGSO Administrator Application Form
  • eGSO PST Equivalency Submission Form
  • A guide for users to reprint their eGSO Record of Completion within Enform Connect

Any questions regarding eGSO Group Delivery or eGSO PST Equivalency may be directed to or phone enrolment services at 1.800.667.5557.