Dig safe and enjoy your summer activities!

Summer is construction season in Alberta and with that comes digging. Digging is done not only for commercial and municipal projects, but also for personal projects. These personal projects can include something as complex as burying residential power lines to something as simple as yard maintenance.


Even though everyone is excited to get started on their projects, crews and residents must remember to call ahead before they dig to ensure that all underground utilities are identified and marked out before work is started. This is true for both commercial and residential projects, since homes have power, water and gas running beneath the lawn.


Failure to have utility lines flagged can result in electrocution, explosion, or flooding, and can lead to serious consequences including injuries or death. Striking utility line can also cause outages to the communities that rely on those services. Fines and damages associated with a line strike can be extremely expensive.


In order to avoid the expense, damage and injury caused by unsafe digging, please be sure to call the Alberta One Call Centre at 1-800-876-6711.