9 Ways to Winterize Your Car

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Did you know… Benefits of the Alberta Oil Sands

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In Alberta we own a very valuable energy resource. This is valued by the province, the country and the entire world. Albertans benefit from the oil sands industry and the province must have an appealing investment climate to remain a stout global energy supplier.

About 150, 000 Albertans are employed in this industry. Approximately 10% of the workforce in the industry are aboriginal.

The monetary compensation that Alberta receives from the industry production helps fund numerous public services.

Alberta companies signed millions of dollars in contracts with companies all over the Canada to encourage activity in the oil sands.

  • Ontario primarily services the industry through machinery and metal fabrication
  • Atlantic Canada has increased activity in manufacturing
  • Steel manufacturers in New Brunswick have signed contracts estimated to be $50 million

Employment in the oil sands is expected to grow exponentially over the upcoming 25 years. Roughly 126, 000 positions within the industry in Alberta.

The Alberta economy has the highest rate of economic growth in Canada over the last 20 years

These are just a few benefits Alberta and Canada have from the oil sands industry.

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"People becoming really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves thy have the first secret of success."

- Norman Vincent Peale

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Health, Safety & Environmental Consulting

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