Training Program Copyright’

KG Safety Services had requested an official copyright on unique training materials that has since been granted by Industry Canada, a division of the Canadian Government. This copyright applies to all unique material associated with out Confined Space and Fall Protection programs and does not include other copy written materials Continue reading

Alberta Flooding – How we’re helping

Our hearts are with all of those effected by the damage wrought by the flooding, rains, mudslides, backups, electrical disturbances and storms that have moved though Alberta in the last few weeks. Both Ken and Catherine are moved to help and so KG Safety Services has donated $500 to the Continue reading

Green vs. Red Washing

We keep hearing about Green Washing – making a product or service sound like it’s environmentally responsible.  Pitchy catch phrases are used, such as “eco-friendly” or “earth wise”, but often doesn’t mean anything; or not as much as consumers may think.   It’s possible that an organization may still dump effluent Continue reading

Training for Competency

In the Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Code, the word “competent” appears quite often. In many sections, the OH&S Code requires employers to provide competent workers to perform tasks which are potentially hazardous to unskilled persons. So what does “competent” mean? Alberta’s OH&S code states; “competent” in relation to a Continue reading

Green Doesn’t Always Mean Go

Whenever there is a red sign, in most cases, it is an indication to stop. We automatically associate specific colours with direction. This is why the colour-coding of scaffold tags and their significance are similar to those of the traffic light system. Green scaffold tags represent “Safe for Use”; “Go” Continue reading

How tired is too tired?

We have all experienced a day, or two, at work when you’re so tired all you want to do is go home and sleep. We all know the feeling; you don’t want to do anything, everything takes much more effort than usual and those “brain farts” tend to happen more Continue reading