Research: Underreporting of workplace injuries

A recurring issue with injury statistics is that they tend to be derived from workers’ compensation board claims data and thus under-report the true level of workplace injury. A new article in Occupational and Environmental Medicine entitled “Characteristics of work-related fatal and hospitalised injuries not captured in workers’ compensation data” Continue reading

What Makes Your Ears Ring?

What’s happening inside our ears when we can hear that ringing? What’s happening inside our brains? How does long term noise exposure increase our risk of hearing damage? Sit back, clean the wax out of your ears, and let Michael Aranda explain! Source: SciShow

Article: If it bleeds, it leads – the construction of workplace injury in Canadian newspapers, 2009–2014

Recently the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health published an article that Jason Foster and Bob Barnetson authored titled “If it bleeds, it leads: The construction of workplace injury in Canadian newspapers, 2009–2014”. This article uses quantitative content analysis to examine how newspapers report workplace injuries across Canada and compares Continue reading

What do you mean it’s expired?

Hydrogen Peroxide     When it’s opened, hydrogen peroxide only lasts a few months before it becomes ineffective (aka turns to water). Unopened, it should be tossed after a year. You’ll know when it’s bad when it stops fizzing.       Insect Repellent Insect repellent loses effectiveness after around Continue reading

Summer Safety Tips – Food Safety

Summer is a great time to enjoy with friends and family. These get-togethers usually center around fun and food. Here are a few tips to keep your grilling safe this summer, we’ll leave the fun up to you. – Boston Public Health