AuditThe Alberta Government, together with the Workers Compensation Board, has developed Partnerships in Reduction (PIR), the requirement of which is the much coveted and frequently sought after Certificate of Recognition (COR).

Companies with 10 or fewer employees are eligible for the SECOR (Small Employer Certificate of Recognition), companies with 11 or more employees are eligibleĀ for COR.

KG Safety Services can assist companies with the procurement of the Alberta COR through all COR Partners and can perform audits with the following certification agencies:

  • Alberta Manufactures Safety Association
  • Alberta Construction Safety Association
  • Enform
  • AB Safety Council (associated auditor available)

In addition to the Alberta SECOR/COR standard, KG Safety Services is available to develop company specific audit tools and complete audits according the CSA Z1000 and ISO Standards.

Audit Communication that makes sense

We commit to the highest professional auditing/assessment standards. We work together with your employees to ensure they’re involved in the process.

Reviews, collaboration and information sharing (where required) may be conducted, and include the following:

  • Auditing/assessment tools and/or strategies (standard or customized)
  • Worker communication regarding the process
  • Management system evaluation
  • Documentation analysis
  • Site inspections/assessments (conditions and work practices)
  • Worker interviews
  • Design of practical and creative control solutions
  • Report findings and recommendations
  • Risk communications to affected parties
  • Corrective action and implementation/management plans

Upon completion of the audit/assessment, KGSS will prepare comprehensive, but easy to read reports and recommendations. Reports are delivered on budget, and within requested timeframes and deadlines.

Available Audits

Baseline Audit

The baseline audit is an evaluation using a given standard audit document and is intended as a preliminary review of the company’s health and safety management system.

Post-Event Audit

An audit conducted when a significant event results in human, property and/or production loss. To ensure objectivity is maintained and areas for improvement are identified, this audit is usually conducted by an external auditor.

Team Audit

A Team audit is defined as an internal or external audit in which more than one auditor participates. If your company needs assistance in training an internal auditor we’re available to help!

Documentation Only Audit

The Documentation Only audit reviews a company’s written health, safety and environment manual and verifies that all associated program elements and processes have been documented.

Roll-Up Audit

This is a process for employers to combine the outcomes of multiple site audits into one overall audit document that represents the company’s activities.

Getting ready for COR

KG Safety Services offers a suite of options to assist with the development of a COR compliant program as well as audit preparations. Don’t know where to start? We do!

Pre-Audit Document Review

Audit Process

Companies can benefit from a pre-audit review to ensure that their records are in order and easy to reference.

Worker training programsĀ 

It is also beneficial to build onsite worker training to ensure that they are aware of the health and safety system in place including their responsibilities under said system.

Facility Inspections

Pre-audit facility inspections help to ensure that sites reflect the hard work that you and your team have put into the system in the last year.

Plan, Do, Check and then Act

After completing the audit or assessment process, KGSS can assist our clients with effective corrective action and management plans including:

  • Safety Policies
  • Health & Safety Programs
  • Exposure Control Plans
  • Safe Work or Operating Procedures
  • Records, forms or permits