Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are a cost effective and efficient way to obtain high quality data in a relatively short period of time.

Data collected can be used to generate colored 3D points clouds, surface meshes, digital elevation and terrain models, contour mapping and high resolution geo-referenced orthomosaic mapping.

Aerial Inspection

Visually inspecting tall or otherwise difficult to reach structures has traditionally been an expensive exercise requiring cranes, helicopters or rope access work.

Using UAVs you can now get high-resolution, high-quality photos and video of these structures in an economical manner. You can be sure of the results because you have a live video feed of what the drone is seeing and can direct our aerial operators to capture exactly what you need. Capturing imagery from infra-red cameras or data from other sensors are also a possibility: taking air samples or temperature readings for example.

Also, because they are unmanned our UAVs are able to get into areas that would otherwise be too dangerous for live inspection, e.g. close-up on live flare stacks or in proximity to chemical leaks. Inspection of storage tank roof.


  • Flare and Smoke Stacks
  • Oil and Gas Pipelines
  • Inspect vessel and vale setups
  • Inspection of facilities temporarily inaccessible due to flooding
  • Warehouse/Factory Roofs and Ceilings
  • Wind Turbines


  • Bridges
  • Large Building Exteriors
  • Wildlife census
  • Forestry pest control
  • Forest fire hot spot scanning

Business, Agriculture & Personal

  • Roofing/Tiling
  • Agricultural fencing, dams, silos, etc
  • Crop health and pest control


At KG Safety Services we conduct aerial mapping flights using a variety of unmanned aerial systems. Using our UAVs we can capture imagery and then process these images to produce high-resolution orthophotos.


  • High-Resolution Orthophoto maps
  • DTMs (Digital Terrain Models)
  • DSMs (Digital Surface Models)


Construction and land development industries and provides a range of aerial photography services specifically catered to companies in this sector. We also specialize in aerial photography on very sensitive sites and remote locations


  • High-Resolution Aerial Imagery
  • Aerial Thermal Imagery
  • Aerial Time lapses


There are a variety of remote inspection and monitoring services offered. Everything from aerial crane inspections with our UAV’s outfitted with high-resolution cameras, to remote health monitoring of wildlife using thermal cameras, we can provide a solution for you. Our aerial services are great for right-of-way and encroachment monitoring at remote locations.


  • Visual Inspection Reports (Crane, Turbine, Dam)
  • Wildlife Headcounts
  • Spill Response and Contaminated Site Imagery


We understand that the real value in UAVs is the data collected and how that data is used. We offer a wide range of data services ranging from Point Cloud and DTM creation to Volumetric Monitoring or Crop Damage Assessments.