Spinning Statistics – have a closer look

Alberta OHS recently reported that workplace injury rates have hit an all-time recorded low. The statistics are clear, there are fewer injury incidents on the books. There are a few reasons why this might be the case: There have been fewer injuries, or Fewer reports of injuries are being submitted Continue reading

Alberta Tickets and Administrative Penalties Update

It has been well over a year since Administrative Penalties (ratified Oct 1/13) and Tickets (ratified Jan 1/14) have been active. What penalties have been assigned? As of March 2, 2015 54 tickets have been issued and 69 Administrative Penalty processes have been initiated. (WHS) The majority of the tickets Continue reading

Engraved Signage

Leave an impression with our engraved signage! With the 1/8 inch aluminum backing and colour protection these signs aren’t going anywhere. Our talented staff members can add your logo and any additional requests because every single sign is completely custom! We’re making a mark with tough products that will be Continue reading

Safety Training With Substance

If a class is on the calendar it’s running.  No more guess work. So, it’s 10pm the day before and you just found out your need that ticket to go to work, don’t worry about it – show up and if there’s room, or a no-show you’re in! We’re flexible.  Continue reading

February $500 Needs Analysis

Want to improve your Health and Safety System but don’t know where to start? Many of our clients find a needs analysis helpful to determine how to direct their efforts in improving or creating a company Health and Safety system. This can be an important first step in a health Continue reading

Canada-Alberta Job Grant

What is the Canada-Alberta Job Grant? The Canada-Alberta Job Grant is an employer-driven training program. This means that employers decide on who gets training and what type of training may be needed for new and existing employees. Employers must use a third-party training provider to deliver the formal training either Continue reading