The Chemistry of Asthma Inhalers

First Aiders often have to assist causalities with their medications, including asthma inhalers. So what exactly is in those ‘puffers’ and how does it help in the event of an asthma attack? NOTE: Each casualty will have different medication in their puffers (drugs/dose/delivery) – Only assist a casualty with a Continue reading

Partnership: True Link Safety – your connection to exceptional Rescue Services

KG Safety Services is excited to let you know about our newest partnership with True Link Safety. In the past we have received numerous requests for our staff to become involved in on site emergency responses activities, and while the KGSS staff enjoys the challenges of on site response we Continue reading

Holiday Training Schedule

KG Safety Services understands the demands of the industry on you and your organization; as such we have instructors available to you through the holiday season for on and off-site training. The only day we will be closed is  December 25th. We can accommodate next day or even same day Continue reading

Canada-Alberta Job Grant

What is the Canada-Alberta Job Grant? The Canada-Alberta Job Grant is an employer-driven training program. This means that employers decide on who gets training and what type of training may be needed for new and existing employees. Employers must use a third-party training provider to deliver the formal training either Continue reading

How the sun sees you – effects of UV exposure

Artist and author Thomas Leveritt recently captured footage of a series of people with an ultraviolet camera. According to Leveritt, “an ultraviolet camera can show not-yet-visible changes” on people’s skin — which means lots of freckles. Leveritt then had subjects put on sunscreen to demonstrate how it protects their skin. Continue reading

A Restricted Space That is a Restricted Area is a Confined Space: Demystifying OH&S Terminology

The 2009 Alberta OH&S Code includes definitions of “restricted areas”, “restricted spaces” and “confined spaces”. Although their wording is similar, these three concepts are distinct, and knowing the different definitions of each can greatly aid understanding of the legislation. A restricted space is an enclosed or partially enclosed space in Continue reading