What do you mean it’s expired?

Hydrogen Peroxide     When it’s opened, hydrogen peroxide only lasts a few months before it becomes ineffective (aka turns to water). Unopened, it should be tossed after a year. You’ll know when it’s bad when it stops fizzing.       Insect Repellent Insect repellent loses effectiveness after around Continue reading

Understanding Static Electricity

We talk about static electricity all the time in industrial health and safety. We see static electricity generated in a variety of tasks, but what exactly is it? Electrons are often loosely connected to the protons and neutrons that make up atoms. Sometimes they travel, move or are dislodged causing Continue reading

A few reasons why ‘eye-witness testimony’ shouldn’t be the benchmark

Often in safety our officers and advisors are involved in investigations of incidents both minor and serious. First person or witness testimony is often considered key information during this process. However, this assumption is unfortunately misguided. Our vision and the way we understand what we see isn’t perfect. Perceptions change, Continue reading

Spinning Statistics – have a closer look

Alberta OHS recently reported that workplace injury rates have hit an all-time recorded low. The statistics are clear, there are fewer injury incidents on the books. There are a few reasons why this might be the case: There have been fewer injuries, or Fewer reports of injuries are being submitted Continue reading

February $500 Needs Analysis

Want to improve your Health and Safety System but don’t know where to start? Many of our clients find a needs analysis helpful to determine how to direct their efforts in improving or creating a company Health and Safety system. This can be an important first step in a health Continue reading

Hiring students this summer? Make sure you know the rules

In Alberta, the Employment Standards branch has teamed up with the Occupational Health and Safety branch to launch a broadly based “Work Right” educational campaign designed to promote awareness throughout the province. Employers should be aware of its obligations to new and young workers and take reasonable steps to protect Continue reading