barrelsPhase I Environmental Site Assessment

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments are a non-intrusive site investigation designed to assess the environmental condition of a site and/or building(s).  It assesses the risk of potential environmental liability at a property associated with current or historical activities at the site and neighboring properties.  It includes a historical review, site visit and personal interviews.

A Phase I ESA (Stage 1 PSI) is comprised of the following:

  • Site visit examining the current state of the site, operations, pathways and receptors in the area
  • A review of current title as well as historical title search
  • Review of any past environmental reports available
  • A review of current/historical aerial photographs
  • A search of the Environmental Law Centre
  • A search of the Petroleum Tank Management Association of Alberta
  • Interview with on site personnel and current owner,  to gain further information about the current and past use of the site
  • Assessment and review of adjacent properties current and historical use
  • Preparation of a report documenting the findings, conclusions, and recommendations arising from the study

The final report follows the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) document “Z768-01 Phase I Environmental Site Assessment”, dated November 2001 in addition to meeting Alberta Environment requirements.  Environmental Site Assessments assist in reducing the uncertainty about potential environmental liabilities and in making informed decisions about property transactions.

A Phase I ESA does not include the collection or laboratory analyses of samples of soil, groundwater, or other materials; these activities are associated with Phase II Environmental Site Assessments.