Needs AssessmentIn order for companies to provide a safe and healthy work environment for their staff, they are required to develop a legislatively compliant Health and Safety Program. But where to start?

With the support of KG Safety Services, a Needs Assessment can be created to assist in the identification of requirements for your particular company as well as set a road map for completion, compliance and a safer workplace.

KG Safety Services Needs Assessments include:

  • Administrative Management
  • Basic Policy & Procedures
  • Client specific Policy & Procedures
  • Division Requirements
    • Administration
    • Shop/Warehouse
    • On-site workers
  • Ergonomic Assessment Review
  • Industrial Hygiene Review
  • WCB Claims Management
  • ISNetworld / PICS / Complyworks
  • Worker Training Program
  • COR Audit Requirements
  • Outline of Legislation that applies to operations