Hazard AssessmentAll organizations are required to identify, assess and eliminate or control workplace hazards. This is one of the most integral elements of the Health, Safety & Environment System.

It is also one of the most time-consuming elements of a HSE program. Completion of a Job/Task list as well as the associated job and task hazard assessments can take hundreds of hours. One of the best ways to ensure hazard assessments are completed properly is to rank jobs and tasks by risk together with a team. Once jobs have been ranked a team comprised of workers, site representatives and a KGSS staff member is assembled to combine their safety experience to the process of creating the hazard assessment documentation.

KG Safety Services offers a hazard assessment process, involving all levels of an organization, that ensures that all hazards in the workplace are properly captured so that measures can be implemented to eliminate or control identified hazards.

How we can help

  • Creation of Job & Task Lists
  • Assistance in ranking of Jobs / Tasks
  • Hazard Assessment Facilitation
  • Hazard Control Recommendations
  • Annual Hazard Assessment & Control Review and Reassessment